Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love Bug Bags

I have never really liked celebrating Valentine's Day. I don't know why, but I've never felt it an important holiday to celebrate. My kids, however, see all of the hearts and candies in the store or treats in magazines and they want to celebrate the holiday. I tried to think of a way to celebrate the holiday in our own way. I came up with Love Bug Bags.
I took the kids to the store and each of them picked out four different colored felt sheets. I chose the bottom sheet, red for boys, pink for girls. I then had the kids each sew their own bags. Oh what fun that was! It was their first experience with sewing and I am sure it will not be their last.

I cut the bottom sheet in a square, the size of the width of the other felt sheets. The kids sewed up each side with yarn and a yard needle. They sewed the bottom all the way around and then the sides up to 1 inch from the top. After it was all sewn together, I turned it inward so the yard did not show. I then made 1/2 cuts about 1 inch down from the top and thread threw a piece of ribbon.

Each day, for the entire month of February, I will put a verse in their bag that either speaks of God's love for us or how we are to love others. I will also put in a little treat of some sort. I bought fun activity pads, little pieces of candy, and small craft kits. I am not spending a lot of money on them, since that isn't the point. 

The bags cost under $2 each to make. If I would have remembered that I already had ribbon in my sewing desk, it would have been around $1.15 each.

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