Friday, February 15, 2013

Living More Naturally

Our journey to living more naturally began about a year and a half ago after my youngest daughter had a bad reaction after receiving her chicken pox booster. It made me start looking at what is going in my children's (and myself & husband's) bodies. Since that time we have switched to buying eggs from local farms, grass-fed beef, hormone free chicken, we switched to fresh milk (hope to go to raw milk soon) and we started a garden. I also almost never go to the grocery store anymore. The majority of our food is bought through natural/organic co-ops.

My most recently switch is that I started making kefir and kombucha. We have been enjoying the kefir for about a month and our first batch of kombucha is brewing on my kitchen counter. I use the kefir to make smoothies. I also add a  Garden of Life RAW probiotic to the children's smoothies.

Two weeks ago my youngest came down with a stomach bug. She was vomiting for six hours. Every sip of water she took, she would just end up throwing it up. I was preparing myself, as much as a mom can, for it to go through the other children....but it didn't. No-one else became sick. I even slept with her the entire night. Yay!

My next venture is learning more about essential oils and making my own deodorant, healing salve, cough syrup, congestion rub, wool dryer balls and much more! I am loving learning about and implementing more natural items in our home.

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