Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun and creative way to teach children about CHRISTmas.

I am always looking for fun, creative ways to teach our children about why we, as a family, celebrate CHRISTmas. I want them to truly know who Jesus is. I want them to know how His birth was celebrated by some and feared by others. I want them to know the importance of His birth.

A couple years ago Heart FELT Truth contacted me about their Easter Banners. I thought they were so creative and very well made. Recently, I decided to look into Heart FELT Truth again, and I was so excited to see they now have a Heart FELT Truth's Pocket Advent Calendar.

Here is it - 

If you go to the Heart FELT Truth blog, you will read how she personally uses the advent calendar with her own family. She wants to make sure it works before she shares it with all of us.

If you go to THIS page, you will see patterns and instructions on how you can make your own advent calendar. If you'd rather not cut out all those pieces, visit the Heart FELT Truth's Etsy page to either purchase a DIY kit or purchase an Advent Calendar that is already complete. She has as wide variety to choose from.

Heart FELT Truths has graciously offered all my readers 10% their Etsy shop when you use coupon code PURPOSEFULCHRISTMAS. Coupon expires November 20, 2013. 
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