Monday, December 30, 2013

Have you discovered eShakti?

My body, like most women I know, is a different size on top than on bottom. Finding a dress has always been a challenge. If it fits the bottom half of my body, then it is a baggy, droopy mess on top. If it fits the top half of my body, then there is no way it is getting over my hips. No way!

About a month ago, through another mom blog (love mom blogs!), I was introduced to a company called eShakti. eShakti specializes in women's clothing, sizes 0-36W, with a retro twist. eShakti gives you the option of ordering by size or you can customize the piece of clothing to your measurements. The finished product is delivered to your door in 14 business days.

You can customize your dress to your measurements AND style preference. I tend to like longer dresses and mid length sleeves. With eShakti, I get both!

On Christmas Eve, I received the dress I ordered from eShakti. It fits like a glove. I can honestly tell you that I have not been able to buy a dress that fits in years. Since the top and bottom of my body are two different sizes, to say I was excited to find eShakti is an understatement.  

This is the next dress I am going to order from eShakti. Isn't it beautiful! 


Right now they are having a sale, up to 50% off. If it is your first order, you will get an additional $30 off. I ended up getting my first dress for only $18.50. What a great deal! Go check them out!
(This post includes affiliate links. If you click on any of the eShakti links, and place an order, I will receive a small percentage. Thank you.)

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