Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Super Simple CPR - Free e-book from Grace Ghazarian

Grace Ghazarian over at Precious Hearts by Grace has written an ebook called Super Simple CPR. She is offering this ebook for free for a limited time.

Grace is a registered nurse who saw a need. She was having a conversation with a friend, a new mom, who said to her "I wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to my baby.” That conversation prompted Grace to start Precious Hearts.

Precious Hearts is a CPR class that is held in a home setting. Grace saw great results with her "CPR parties" and wanted to be able to reach more parents with the much needed information about CPR so she decided to write and ebook. Now you can benefit from Grace's knowledge even if you don't live close enough to attend a class.
The purpose of this book is to break down barriers to learning the concepts of CPR.  It is still highly recommend taking a class to get a feel for it physically!
I am so thankful that Grace wrote this ebook. I have had CPR training in the past, but it was years ago. It is so beneficially to have this ebook at my fingertips. 
This eBook will be free on my site for now:  www.preciousheartsbygrace.com/free

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