Monday, April 6, 2015

Real-Life Missionary Videos - The Wild Brothers

Our children enjoy watching adventure movies. When watching, their minds open up and create adventures of their own. I am always looking for wholesome adventure DVDs that my children can enjoy. I was excited to see an email from Answers In Genesis about a Real-Life Missionary family called The Wild Brothers.Not only is it adventurous, but it teaches them about living for Jesus!

The Real-Life Missionary family is Mike & Libby Wild and their four boys, Morgan, Hudson, Kian and Asher. This DVD follows the adventures of the four boys.

On the Answers in Genesis website, you will find information about their family. They share about being a Missionary Family. They share about Missionary Kid Life. They share about Homeschooling. They also share about Tribal Missions. So much great information for our kids to learn!
 "When we were young, Dad and Mom brought us Wild brothers to live as missionaries in the world‘s largest archipelago. Growing up in the jungle, we’ve taken on a lot of tribal ways from the people we live with, but we're basically just your average crew of brothers. And we have amazing parents who love us, teach us, and live out Christ with us."

The Wild Brothers DVD is on sale for the month of April. When purchasing the DVD, you will also receive a Discussion and activity guide for free. Click here to purchase your copy.

You can watch there trailer below.

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