Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Homemade Bug Repellent Gel

My husband enjoys taking our children for hikes on local trails. The kids have a blast walking on logs over streams, climbing hills and trying to avoid (maybe not trying) all the mud. Since the area is very wooded, there are so many bugs. Our youngest daughter seems to be a bug magnet. Every time she goes outside, she comes in with bites. I have tried so many bug sprays on her with little success....until I tried this one!

I originally planned on making a bug repellent spray but realized I was out of spray bottles. I made the bug repellent in a gel form and put them in bottles because we needed something quickly. Honestly, I think I like the gel better. It spreads nicely and you can get even coverage.

 Bug Repellent Gel
1/2 cup aloe vera gel
2 Tbsp water
10 drops doTerra Terra Shield
10 drops doTerra Purity

Blend well and pour into two 2 oz containers. When applying, pour a small amount into your hand and rub on exposed skin. It absorbs nicely and softens your skin.

After they returned from their walk, none of them had any bites, not even our youngest. They said the bugs were out like crazy and they would land on them, but did not bite. They also all said the scents was very pleasant.

You can purchase the doTerra Purity and Terra Shield essential oils HERE.
I purchased the large aleo vera bottles from our local GNC.
I purchased the bottles through Aroma Tools.

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