Monday, October 26, 2015

3 Keys to Crack the History Code - Video 3 is up!


Have you been watching the super popular video series, "3 Keys to Cracking the History Code"?

If not, then you need to check this out! And yes, it's free.

On Tuesday, Terri Johnson, of Knowledge Quest, presented the 1st key to cracking that code. I don't want to spoil it for you, but this short 10 minute video will change the way you think about and teach history.

On Friday, she shared the 2nd key, which essentially boils down to this: when you see it, you get it! This video will help you unlock the history puzzle so that you and your kids can connect the history dots. It's simple, yet profound.

The buzz in the comment section below the video are proof of that. Melanie writes, "Thank you so much! You have made history simple and fun. It's exciting to be able to use these tools to learn history along with my children!"

The stuff that Terri is sharing is simple, easy and actionable, plus she's giving away freebies under a couple of the videos to make your job even easier. And what homeschool mom doesn't love EASY? Here's the link to the videos: 3 Keys to Crack the History Code

The third video is available starting today and again, you will be struck by the simplicity of it. Because context provides understanding. And that's what video #3 is all about. Do you want your kids to really understand and absorb history? Then watch the 3rd Key to Cracking the History Code today.

This video in the 3-part series starts now and you can view it here: 3 Keys to Crack the History Code

Mark your calendars so you don't miss the 4th and final video, which ties all 3 keys together. Video #4 will be available on October 27th. These videos won't be up forever, so head over now and watch the 3rd Key to Cracking the History Code now.

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