Monday, November 30, 2015

The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World - DVD Review

Do your children like adventure? Do you like learning about other cultures? Do you like learning about different habitats in the world? Let me introduce you and your family to The Wild Brothers

The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World is the first DVD in the series. In this video we are introduced to the Wild Brothers; Morgan, Hudson, Kian and Asher, as well as their parents, Mike and Libby, who are missionaries in a remote jungle.

The Wild Brothers take us on their adventures throughout the jungle. They share about the people, the culture, homeschooling and so much more. Most importantly, they share about bringing the Gospel to the people of that remote jungle.

My favorite part was watching where Mike and Libby (the parents) get to spend time together each morning while drinking a cup of coffee. How marvelous it must be to sit in the stillness while enjoying God's beautiful creation and the company of your spouse.

My children really enjoyed watching the Wild Brothers interact with each other. They enjoyed seeing all the native animals. They enjoyed seeing the tribal people and seeing a glimpse of how they live. They saw how much work had to go into doing everything they do, things we take for granted living here in the United States. One of our children is ready to up and move to the jungle. 

The Answers In Genesis website is packed full of information about the Wild Family, Missionary Kid Life, Homeschooling, Tribal Missions, the Wild Family Blog and their latest videos. My children were excited to learn about other homeschoolers. They were especially excited to learn about life in the jungle.

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