Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First week of my new journey is complete

I have completed the first week of my new journey.  My journey is to turn away from my craving for food and start craving more of God.  I must admit, so far it has not been too hard.  On December 31st, I drank my last pop.  I have replaced it with water.  Lots and lots of water!  I made the mistake of going to the grocery store while I was hungry, and even though I did buy a few more groceries than were on my list, they were all healthy!  I have started eating breakfast every morning.  I would always make time to feed the kids, but I used to not make time for breakfast for myself. 

What I haven't done so far is make time for exercise.  I work 2-4 hours a day typing, homeschool our 4 children, plus all of my other responsibilities as a wife and mother.  What are all those reasons for not finding time to exercise?  They are just excuses!  I usually find time to sit and watch a show or movie with my husband.  I usually find time to catch up with friends on Facebook.  Why don't I find time to exercise?  Well, the answer is simple.  I don't like too! 

While it has been relatively easy for me to change my eating habits, the same cannot be said for exercising.  I have prayed daily that God help me control my eating and I have been at peace with my choices of meals.  I have not prayed for the strength and self-control to start exercising.  I need to start.  I know that it will be all Him, because I just cannot do it. 

I weighed in this morning, as I will every Tuesday, and I found that I lost 2 pounds. I was a little disappoint until I really thought about it.  I didn't do anything to make that number greater.  The weight isn't just going to fall off.  I have to put forth effort. 

I am not being a good example to my children when I don't show discipline with what I eat.  I am not being a good example to my children when I do not take care of the body that God gave me by exercising.  I don't want to be a parent that says one thing but demonstrates the exact opposite.

Lord, I pray that you give me the strength, discipline and self-control to take care of the body that you have blessed me with.  I pray that I am the role-model you want me to be to the children you have blessed me with.

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