Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lessons from the soccer field

Three of our four children are currently playing soccer.  I love to watch them.  They aren't only learning to play the game, but they are also learning team work, socialization, listening skills, coordination, so many things.  One of my favorite parts of the game is when the children and their coaches gather in the middle of the field, kneel down, bow their heads and say a prayer.

Our twins are on the 3 and 4 year old team.  I absolutely love watching these games as the kids first learn to kick a soccer ball, make sure you don't touch it with  your hands.  It is quite humorous to watch.  At this age they all just tend to follow each other around the field in one big group.  There are a few though, that really catch on quickly.

At the beginning of each game, the coaches ask the kids to point to their goal so they know which way they are supposed to kick the ball.  Each team points to their appropriate goal and the game begins.  It was my son's turn on the field and the other team had the ball.  My son ran up to the boy from the other team who had the ball and proceeded to cheer him on and direct him to the correct goal.  It was more important for him to help that little boy score than it was for him to get the ball away from him.  He came up to me after the game and I told him that he was very nice to help that little boy.  To which he responded "God wants us to be nice and help others."

As I thought about my sons reaction more, I wondered how many times in my life have I been focused more on getting things in the direction I think I am supposed to rather than doing what God wanted me to do and help someone out.  I don't know why, but I am still amazed at the lessons I learn from my children.  They have such pure hearts that haven't been changed by the world.  They have such love for God and for doing what He wants them to do.  I pray that I become more like my children in this aspect of life.

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