Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange - Wheat Ornament

This year I am participating in a Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange.  The ornament I am making is wheat to go with the story of Ruth and Naomi.

I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up all the supplies I would need to make the ornaments.  I should mention, I love Hobby Lobby.  I could spend hours in the store dreaming of projects I could do. This time, however, I went with all four of my children, so it was a quick trip.

I picked up 2 bundles of wheat from the dried floral department.  I then picked out a pretty sheer dark red ribbon.  I also bought little rings I found in the jewelry section to put on the ornaments to make it easier to attach a hook.

I first separated the wheat and cut off the ends, leaving just about 1 to 2 inches left of the stem.  After I separated one bundle and cut the tops off, I realized I only needed 1 bundle of the wheat.  It made 30 ornaments and I still had a few pieces left. 

After I cut the wheat, I then cut 30 pieces of ribbon, 12 inches in length.

I then took a glue gun to glue two stems together, put a ring in the center of the piece of ribbon and I glued the ribbon and ring to the wheat.  After the glue was dry, I then tied a bow.

They were really quite simple and I think they turned out pretty good.

Here are a couple links where you can find variations of Jesse Tree Ornament.

Feels Like Home - Not only does she give you a devotion, she also gives you a song for each day.

A Holy Experience - She includes the full Bible text, a devotional, a short simple action point for the day as well as an ornament.

Jesse-Tree - This site is full of great ideas, and has items you can purchase.

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