Monday, November 14, 2011

Making Printables Last

There are two things that I absolutely love for homeschooling; printables and my laminator.

This is my laminator that I purchased from Amazon last year during their Christmas deals.  I think I bought it for around $20.  The price isn't down there yet, but keep watching.


Here are a couple sites that I regularly visit to get printables.  They are a great quality and my kids love them.

I will start by printing out one of their printable packets.  They have several to choose from and usually have one for each season and/or holiday.  I will then laminate each sheet.  Once they are done laminating, I will sort them by which ones need to be cut and which ones don't.

After I have them all cut, I will put the pieces in envelope and write on the front what it contains.  I put each printable pack in a two pocket folder.  I stock up on them during back to school sales. 

I will write on the front of the folder what is inside so my kids know which folder contains what activities.  I will store them all in a plastic tote that is big enough to hold hanging file folders.

For the sheets that require writing of any kind, the kids use dry erase markers.  They work well and wipe off easily.

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