Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marriage Requires...

The worldly message of what makes a marriage work as seen in movies, books, television shows, is most commonly portrayed as attraction. It is deceitfully described as love, but often it is only lust.

Unfortunately, that is why so many marriages fail.

Marriage is about much more than attraction. Actually, attraction is just a small part of it.

Marriage is about devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, faithfulness, trust, forgiveness, patience, kindness, respect, growing.

Marriage is about standing next to a person, taking a vow to be with them through it all. Through the mountains and the valleys. Being with someone, completely committed to someone through all the valleys, makes a marriage stronger.

Marriage should grow through the years. Marriage takes work in order to grow. You would not simply plant a seed in the sand and hope that it grows into what it is capable of growing in to.  

Marriage grows when it is cared for. Marriage grows when you are not only growing closer to each other, but more importantly, growing closer to God.

I am guilty of neglecting my marriage because I am caring for our children. Often I put their needs before my husbands. This has not been helpful to our marriage or to our children.

Children need to see that their most important human relationship is going to be with their spouse. They need to be taught how to have a healthy marriage. They need to be shown how to have a healthy marriage.

I have become better at caring for my marriage. I can honestly say our marriage is better today than the day we said I do. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

Lord, I pray that I grow closer to You. I pray that I grow closer to my husband. I pray that I nurture our marriage so it grows and ultimately glorifies You!

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