Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blessed by Giggles

There are times when I worry.

I worry about things I have no control over.

I worry about things I don't need to worry about.

I pray that my worrying will stop.

And then ...

God blesses me with giggles.

I was deep in thought.




It had been a couple of days of my stomach turning and my mind just being filled with questions. It wasn't huge worries. It was just day to day worrying about day to day things. I couldn't stop my mind. I couldn't stop my stomach from turning. 

God knew.

He knew my thoughts. He knew my worries. He knew that I didn't really have any reason for either. 

God blessed me with giggles.

I was sitting in the van on the way back from a long day out. I was tired. Our middle daughter was sitting behind me with her new plastic bow and arrow set that we just bought for her. Slowly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that bow being moved towards me. 

She didn't think I would notice. She didn't think I was paying attention.

Quickly, I reached over and grabbed the bow, much to her surprise.

Then, in that moment, the giggles began. Contagious little girl giggles. Giggles that warm your heart and clear your mind. In that moment that giggly little girl lit up the whole van. In that moment that giggly little girl lit up my entire world. 

                                                                (Two of our giggly girls)

In that moment, my worries seemed to disappear. 

In that moment, what was important became clear. 

God blessed me with giggles.

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