Friday, January 4, 2013

Venturing Out

I am very much a home body. I love being home with my kids and I am completely content never leaving. I am trying to change this...slowly.

Today the kids and I ventured out to take our two, four month old puppies for their veterinary appointment. I told the kids to get on their shoes and coats and told the boys to get the dogs on their leashes. My oldest daughter could not find one of her boots, so we all stopped what we were doing and looked for it in their room. We couldn't find it. I told her to just throw on her tennis shoes because we were going to be late. The boys put on their shoes, hooked the puppies to their leashes and then tried to get their coats on while trying to hold on to the puppies. It was not going so well.

My daughter was taking her time getting her shoes untied so she could put them on so I went over to help her. As I was kneeling down to help her, I found my daughter's boot under the coffee table. I don't know why it took so long to find it since that is exactly where a boot should be. I grabbed the puppies' leashes so the boys could get their coats on. When they were finished all four children and two puppies headed out the door to go load up in the van. It took a bit of time to get all four kids buckled and the 20 and 30 pound puppies sitting on the seat.

Off we went. We should be smooth sailing now.


Just a few miles from the house my oldest son let out a scream. I could tell by the scream that he was hurt somehow. My oldest daughter turns to look at him and yells "he's bleeding!". I tried to get my son to tell me what happened, but he couldn't. Since we were on a back road, I asked my oldest daughter to unbuckle and take some tissues to her brother. While this was all happening, the 30 pound puppy that my son was holding, realized that she was free, jumped off the back seat and began to eat every scrap piece of paper she could get to. As I mentioned before, we have four kids, there were a lot of scrap pieces of paper on the floor!

So I am driving down a back road, telling my daughter to get buckled back up, telling the puppy not to eat paper, and trying to get my son to tell me what happened.

When my son finally was able to talk, he told me that the puppy knocked her head into his chin which caused his top teeth to go into his bottom lip. He then told me that his hand was covered in blood and he needed more tissues. My daughter once again unbuckled and took him some more tissues. Can I just take a moment to say how thankful I am we live out in the country and drive on non-busy country roads.

After my son told me his teeth cut his lip, I realized I needed to find a place to pull over. About two miles down the road I was finally able to stop. My youngest son made sure he had a secure hold on the 20 pound puppy and I had the girls both hold on to the 30 pound puppy's leash. After I knew the puppies couldn't escape, I got out and went around to the back of the van. I was able to jump in with no puppies escaping. Yay!

I went to the back of the van and took a look at my son's lip. The bleeding had slowed down and thankfully it didn't look like he needed stitches. I helped him clean up and gave him more tissues for his lip. I put the escape puppy back on the seat and managed to get back out of the van with no escapees.

Wasn't I on my way somewhere?

We are now five minutes past the time of the puppies' appointment and we are still another five to ten minutes away. I pulled into the veterinary office and told the kids to wait to open the door until I could come and get the puppies. I grabbed the puppies' leashes and then had the kids climb out of the van. I sometimes wonder what people think when they see all those kids and puppies getting out.

The kids and puppies all ran to the front door of the veterinary office. I didn't mind the kids running to the door, however, in the excitement of the kids running, the puppies started to run in circles around me, in opposite directions, and my legs were completely wrapped.

I should mention here that we have 20 foot leashes for the puppies. I bought them a few days ago because the puppies chewed up the other leashes we had for them. They chew everything! I decided to get 20 foot leashes because then I could go out on my porch and they could run down to the lawn without me having to go down with them. Yes, I know, it sounds lazy, but those puppies have to go out a lot!

So I am standing in the middle of the parking lot with both puppies leashes' wrapped around my legs, the kids calling for the puppies and I am bracing myself so I do not get taken down by these puppies. I told the kids to stop calling the puppies. It took a few moments, but I was finally able to pull them each a little closer and step out.

We head into the veterinary office and the puppies go crazy. This has never happened before. It is like they suddenly realized they were dogs and they didn't stop barking and attempting to run the entire time we were there. I'm not even sure if they really are only 20 and 30 pounds because we couldn't get them to stay still on the scale.

When the appointment was done I loaded up the kids and puppies and headed home with no incident.

I'm thinking I will just continue to be a home body.

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