Friday, March 15, 2013

Couldn't Do No Poo So I Tried A Shampoo Bar

As I have mentioned before, we are trying to become a more natural family and switch to chemical free ways of doing things. Last fall I tried the "No Poo" method for washing my hair. The first time I did it, I loved it. My hair felt healthy and looked great. After a few weeks though, my hair was heavy, greasy and looked terrible. I tried to stick it out, but it just wasn't working for my type of hair. My hair is very thick and has become coarse over the past years either due to age or so many close pregnancies, I'm not sure which.

The "No Poo" method uses baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I loved the fact that I was no longer putting chemicals on my hair. I have seen success with the "No Poo" method. My sister-in-law has beautiful long hair and has been using this method for close to a year. Just a side note should you try this method, if you happen to keep a cup of apple cider vinegar in your shower, make sure you look in the cup before pouring it over your hair (especially during the warmer months) to make sure that there are not dead fruit flies floating around. Yep, it happened and it was gross! I suggest you get BPA free condiment bottles, or something similar, that fruit flies cannot get in.

I did not want to give up on being chemical free when it came to shampooing my hair so I continue to search for an answer. I also wanted to find something natural that I could use on my youngest daughter's hair. As an infant she had terrible cradle cap and has never really gotten over it. She is six now and still struggles with itchy, dry, sometimes crusty scalp. 

Finally, I have found the answer!

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, caster oil, fresh pure New Hampshire spring water, sodium hydroxide (a binder), Organic Jojoba Oil & Almond Oil with essential oils of Peppermint for fragrance. 

I have used this shampoo bar for 3 weeks. My hair feels great. My scalp feels great. I don't have to use any conditioner because of the natural oils. I also only have to wash my hair once a week. And when I do wash my hair, it is barely greasy. This bar is wonderful! J. R. Liggett's Shampoo bars are also available in the following scents: Original, Tea Tree & Hemp Oil, Damaged Hair, and Herbal.

Everyone in my family has switched over. My favorite part is that my six year old daughter has had excellent results. Her scalp is no longer itch and dry. She used to have flakes all throughout her hair, but now they are almost gone. 

I highly recommend this shampoo bar. 

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