Thursday, April 25, 2013

Saving Money By Cutting Hair At Home

When I met my husband, he was already cutting his own hair. To be honest, I was cutting my own hair too. I hardly ever went to a salon to get my hair cut because I usually didn't want to pay the money and it usually didn't look like I wanted it to.

When children came into the picture, my husband started cutting the boys hair and I would trim the girls. Our oldest is 9 now and he is the only one who has ever had his hair cut by someone other than us and that was only because his aunt is a beautician and wanted to give him is first haircut.

The girls hair wasn't the easiest at first. They both have ended up with chin length hair because they wouldn't stay still. It still turned out cute, but not as long as I wanted. The boys hair was a bit easier, although our youngest son up until about 5 years of age would just cry and cry through the whole process. He does much better now.

We use a Wahl haircutting kit.

Our Wahl hair cutting kit has lasted us over 5 years and still works great. We figure that each year we save about $480 by cutting the kids hair ourselves. We save another $120 by my husband cutting his hair himself. I don't even know where to begin on calculating how much we save on my hair. I haven't been to a salon in so long, I have no idea how much it is anymore.  So over the past 5 years we have saved over $3000 and the only up front cost was around $25. I think that is pretty good savings!

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