Thursday, November 20, 2014

Before Thanksgiving? Yes, we put up our Christmas tree

My children have been asking to put up our Christmas tree for a couple weeks. I kept saying no, it is too early. Then I came across a post on Facebook from another mother that changed my mind. She said that they put up their Christmas tree and then she explained why. She stated the she knew it was early and there would be people who disagreed with her decision. She stated that her children were young and excited. That they would only be young for a short amount of time. That post changed my thinking.

My children are all now at the age where they are becoming more and more self-sufficient every day. I am already past half my time with my son and quickly coming to half my time with my other three. They will all be grown and out starting their own families quicker than I want to realize. I only have a few more years of this amazing excitement that fills our walls. I only have a few more years to fill their minds with joyful memories.

They gathered the storage totes full of ornaments. They carried in the box with our tree. It has been a couple years since we put up a tree, so this experience was extra special. Before getting the tree out, they pulled out the strands of lights. They untangled them all. They plugged them in to make sure they all worked. After the lights, they pulled out the tree pieces from the box. What did we discover? We have a pre-lit tree. It had been so long since we put up the tree that I didn't even remember what kind of tree we had. They put the strands of lights aside. I'm sure they will find something else to do with them.

The kids put the tree together and plugged it in. They then dove into the containers of ornaments and giggles filled the air. You see, we are in the process of selling our home in another state. We still have several boxes that we left behind simply because we did not have room on the truck. We were not able to get all our storage containers of Christmas items. It was my hope though that we would bring the storage totes with ornaments. Thankfully, we did. Thankfully, they were the containers with their homemade ornaments and special ornaments they have been given throughout their young lives.

They found the ornaments with their pictures. They found the ornaments with handprints. They found their ornaments given to them by Sunday school teachers, pre-school teachers and family. The amount of joy and excitement was immeasurable. They worked together harmoniously. They found joy in each others joy. It was beautiful!

They were sharing old memories while creating new ones. 

I didn't help. I just sat back and watched. I watched as the eyes of my children lit up with joyous memories. I just sat back and listened. I listened to them talk about how little they used to be. It brought both joy and sorrow. How little they used to be? They are still little in my eyes.

My oldest son said "It is amazing how many memories a Christmas tree can hold."

So, yes, I went against the norm. Our Christmas tree is up. You know what, I'll probably do it again next year if they ask. I now will have one week longer to look at that tree that my children beautifully decorated with memories. I will have one more week to cherish those memories all while creating new ones.

Merry Christmas to you all. I pray you, too, will share old memories while creating new ones.

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