Sunday, November 30, 2014

My children's joy

As they woke up on Thanksgiving morning, they were blessed with a gift. A simple gift that was provided by God. Snow!

Until recently, we have lived in Tennessee. We would get a dusting of snow, but nothing they could really play in. This is the first year they have snow pants and snow boots. When we bought their snow pants and boots, you would have thought we gave them the world. So excited!

My oldest son noticed the snow and shouted with excitement. The rest of them ran to the door and more excitement ensued. They didn't want to eat breakfast, they just wanted to get on their snow gear and head outside. Yes, I told them they had to eat first. 

I watched them play. I watched their simple joy. Their overwhelming joy. My youngest daughter came in and asked for a small carrot. There was not a whole lot of snow, but she managed to make a snowman (snowgirl, as she calls it, complete with a dress) and wanted a carrot nose. To her, it was amazingly fun and exciting to make her very first snowman by herself. So much joy! Her twin brother saw the carrot and asked for one of his own. Who knew a carrot could bring out so much joy.

I posted the picture above on my Facebook page. One of my husband's employees said they were surprised that our kids were out playing in the snow because there wasn't much accumulations. They were too excited to even think about how little snow there was. 

This is just the first of their snow adventures. I am sure there will be many more to come. I am sure each one will be just as joyous!

I am saddened that I let that simple joy disappear in my adulthood. I let the gifts that God places in front of me every day go unnoticed. God places so many gifts in front of each of us every day. We just have to slow down and look for them.

It is my prayer that my children keep their joy throughout their childhood and their adulthood. It is my prayer that they will see the gifts that God blesses them with on a daily basis. 

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