Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creative use of space

We were blessed to buy our first home last fall.  We have rented our entire marriage but decided to attempt to buy early last spring.  We found a house and one of the biggest blessings is that it is $300 less a month!  Woo Hoo!

Our home is nothing special.  It is a simple 1284 sq ft home.  With 6 people in this home I have had to come up with some creative ways to make room for us all.   On thing that we miss is that there really is no place for quiet time.  When we go out into the living room/school room/dining room the kids hear us because their rooms are right off from it.

I read another homeschool mom's blog about her need for a quiet place and that her husband built her a little area in the back of the laundry room.  That got me thinking.  We were not able to put anything in the laundry room since it is already used not only for laundry, but also as a storage area/pantry.  I was not going to give up, there had to be someplace that we can use.

As I looked around the house the only obvious place I could find was our walk in closet in the master bedroom.  It is a really nice size and there is a bunch of wasted space that isn't being use.  So, I decided to look for a desk and chair to go in there.  I already had a cork board and white board to hang above the desk.  The room already had it's own light so we can go in there, close the door and no-one will know.

I was excited to be creating this space so that my husband and I would have a place to go for our much needed quiet time.

We found a desk on a local sale network site.  We got it for $20.  What a bargain!  It is solid wood.  It has drawers on each side so my husband I will have plenty of room for our books, paper, whatever we'd like.  I don't know which one of us is more excited about this space, me or my husband. 

My next project is more shelving for the school corner!

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