Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Mom Is A Mom

I've been struggling with something for a while now. My struggle has caused me to hide out in my house and not want to go out into the world.

What is my struggle?

Women treating other women in a negative matter. Women talking about other women in a negative matter. More to the point - I struggle with the way moms treat other moms.

We moved down south from Michigan about 5 years ago. I was excited for the change. My excitement was quickly squashed with the negativity I received. Unfortunately, there are still some people down south who do not care for people from the north. This has been a struggle the entire time I have lived down here. I simply do not fit in.

My feeling is that I don't care where you are from. If you are a woman, we have something in common and we should support each other and lift each other up. If you are a mom, we have even more in common and we should support each other and lift each other up.

It doesn't matter if you are a working mom or a stay at home mom. It doesn't matter if you send your children to public school or if you home-school. It doesn't matter if you have 1 child or 20. We are all moms.

I am a stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom to 4 of our children. We are currently in the process of adopting another child. I am doing this because my husband and I feel this is what God is calling me to do. I should be receiving encouragement. My life and the choices that my husband and I have made for our family, under God's provision, should not offend anyone.

We should encourage each other. That's it. There is no real reason this should not occur. None of us are better than the other, we all just have been given different gifts and abilities from God. He calls us to use those gifts and abilities for His glory.

I am thankful for all of the mom blogs that have come across my computer screen. I can honestly say that I learn something from each of those moms. I have been blessed.

All moms have common goals. We all want our children to be happy, healthy, and know they are loved. Yes, each of us may have a different definition of what each of those look like, but we can agree that each of us want what we feel is best for our children.

So why do we talk behind each others backs? Why do we discourage each other? Why are we sometimes just down right cruel?

Why? Because we are sinners.

I am adding a new goal to my list. I have a goal to get out of my house and be an encourager to other moms. To be an encourager to other women. I'm not going to let negativity keep me inside. I'm not going to let fear of not being accepted keep me from doing what God wants me to do.

We, as woman, have been given such great gifts. We should use those gifts to encourage each other.

Lord, I pray that you guide my words. I pray that you guide my steps. I pray that you only place encouragement on my heart.

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