Monday, August 8, 2011

Christmas Always!

Let me just start by saying I love Christmas music.  I could listen to it year round (and I do if my husband isn't around).  My absolutely favorite Cd is Glad, An Acapella Christmas.  And when I say favorite, I mean favorite, not just favorite Christmas.

Because we live sort of in the middle of mountains, the Christian radio station doesn't always come in.  This Sunday, on our way to church, I put on my Glad Christmas Cd and to my surprise, my husband didn't say anything about it. YAY!  I was so excited.  I sang and sang and sang.

As I was singing it suddenly dawned on my why I like Christmas music so much.  I should probably clarify something quickly, when I say Christmas music, I mean music that celebrates the birth of our Savior, not anything that has to do with Rudolph, or trees, or anything along those lines.  Its not that I don't like those songs, but that isn't what I am referring to.

So, back to my original thought - as I was singing these songs, it dawned on me why I like them so much and it is the same reason why I like Christmas so much.  You see, at Christmas I celebrate the birth of our Savior.  It is a reflective time of the gift that God gave us, His Son, Jesus.  There is truly no greater gift.   I cherish that gift.  I am thankful for that gift.  I am thankful that my children have been given that gift.

I love the celebration of Christmas time.  So, the reason I love Christmas music is because I get that feeling of celebration.  I want that feeling of celebration all year round.  I don't want to take that gift, that perfect gift, for granted.  I don't want to forget for even one moment that without that gift I would be lost.

Can I also say that I am thankful that over these past 8 years, my husband has come to tolerate, maybe even starting to accept, that I love to listen to Christmas music all year round.  Praise God for all blessings! 

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