Thursday, September 8, 2011

Strong and Courageous

Have you ever had a time in your life when God placed a certain verse in front of you over and over again.  And He reveals this verse in places you would never look, but yet you find them?  That has been happening to me over the past couple weeks.  

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

I know I have read this verse over the years, but recently it has been everywhere around me.  First, it is in the movie Courageous, which I am so excited about this movie being released because my husband and I are actually PLANNING a date night!  That never happens. 

Secondly, this verse is part of my Community Bible Study - Servants of God study, that I am currently attending.  Not only do I study it in my adult Bible study, but I am also studying it with my oldest son in his Bible study.  It is such a joy to be studying the same scriptures with my son.  

Within the past few days, I have had different emails and blog posts put in front of me, from people I don't even know, and they all had Joshua 1:9 as the foundation of the message.  

Seeing all of these instances around me where this verse is being brought to me made me really think about this verse and if I truly believe what it says.  Do I live like I know that it is true?

Be strong and of good courage - Am I strong and courageous for God?  How often do I think I am too weak to do God's work?

Do not be afraid - How often am I fearful? Do I let that fear keep me from doing what God wants me to do?

Nor be dismayed - am I filled with apprehension?  Do I let that apprehension keep me from doing what God wants me to do? 

For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go - Do I live like I know this is true?

I am not a strong person, I am weak.  I am not a courageous person, I often lack confidence.  I do have fears and apprehensions.  And, unfortunately, I do not always remember that God is with me wherever I go.  

The reason I am weak, not of good courage, fearful and apprehensive is because I often forget, or more honestly, I think I am undeserving of God being with me wherever I go.  

But I am not!   

God loves me.  God is with me.  He never leaves me, even when I leave Him.  He ALWAYS forgives me.  He ALWAYS wants what is best for me.  He wants to use me to do His work.  He wants me!

I can't comprehend that kind of love for me.  I didn't grow up with that kind of love.  I didn't grow up thinking I was anything special. 

But I am!

God made each of us special. 

God has a plan for my life.  He wants to bless my life.  
I need to not let Satan fill my head with insecurities.  I need to not believe that I am not good enough, strong enough or courageous enough.  

God has a plan for me.  I must be strong and courageous.  I must not fear.  I must not be apprehensive.  He is with me wherever I go.

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