Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mama is down

I have been in bed with the flu the past couple days.  My wonderful husband took a couple days off work to take care of me and the kids.  I was so sick, I didn't even fight him on it.

The past two days have been a blur.  I have slept the majority of the time.  Yesterday afternoon, our youngest son came down with the flu also, so he came in the bedroom and slept with me.  He only got sick once and then was up and ready to go this morning.  Why did he get better so much quicker than I did?  My husband said it is because he is young and I am old.  I did mention that he was my wonderful husband, didn't I? 

Through these past couple days of sickness I have been blessed with just simply watching and listening to my children.  They have mainly been going to their dad for things (which is highly unusual).  I have loved listening to their conversations. 

This morning my son and I woke up about the same time.  I asked him how he was feeling.  He proceeded to tell me that there were donuts flying in the bathroom.  I thought maybe I heard him wrong or he was possibly still sleeping, so I asked him to repeat what he said.  He did and said the exact same thing, there are donuts flying in the bathroom.  Thinking that maybe he didn't realize what he was seeing, I turned and looked.  As I turned to look, my son starts laughing and says "Made you look! That's a game that we play all the time.  I got you."  I couldn't help but smile.  I love that they play games, simple fun games, that bring smiles to all their faces. 

I decided I would take a shower and see if that would somehow make me feel better.  Feel better, no..smell better, yes!  After I got dressed I came out to the living room to see how everyone was doing.  My oldest daughter says "You don't look very good."  To which I responded "Thanks, I appreciate that."  Then my youngest daughter thought she would clarify for me what her sister meant "She means your face."  Oh, the things my precious children say. 

Around lunch time I overheard my husband in the kitchen with our oldest daughter.  He called her one of the other kids names to which she responded "That's not me."  To which my husband responded "Are you sure.  Did you look in the mirror this morning to make sure that wasn't who you were?"  

There have been several other things throughout these past couple days that have brought a smile to my not very good looking face.  And I am thankful for those moments.  My children are a joy, even when I am sick.  They light up even the dreariest day. 

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