Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All the Days of Her Life - Preparing for Marriage

I did not grow up studying the Bible.  I went to church all throughout high school.  I would read my Bible at church or church functions.  But I did not study it.  I did not hide it in my heart.  And I did not follow it or live by it.

I want to be different.  I want to hide His word in my heart.  I want my children to hide His word in their hearts.

The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain.  She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.  Proverbs 31:11-12

I want my daughters to honor their husbands ALL the days of their lives.  I want them to honor their husbands today and every day.  I want them to honor their husbands before they even know who God has chosen for them to marry.

I want their character, while they are single, to honor their future husband. I want the words out of their mouths to honor their future husband.

All the days of her life...

As I read these verses, I thought back to the first few years of my marriage and how much hurt and baggage I brought into it.  I remember how broken I was.  I remember reflecting that brokenness on my husband.  I remember all the hurt that was caused by my brokenness.  Thankfully,  I serve a loving God who heals that brokenness.

God has these verses written for a reason.  He wants us to have healthy, loving, trusting, fulfilling marriages.  He wants us to save our whole hearts for our husbands.

Each time we get close to another man before we are married, we give that man part of our heart.

If you wait.  If you truly do your husband good and not evil all the days of your life, then there will be a union filled with trust.  There will be no hurt brought into the marriage that you might be tempted to reflect on your husband.  You will have your whole heart just for him. 

I will encourage my daughters to make decisions in their lives based on this verse.  I will encourage them to keep their hearts whole.  I will encourage them to save their whole heart for their husbands.  I will pray that their husbands are doing the same. I want them to put their full trust in God that He will show them who they are supposed to marry.

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