Friday, December 30, 2011

A Day Filled with Princesses and Curiosity.

Earlier this year our two daughters went to a Cinderella Ball with their dad.  They were so excited.  They each got a new ball gown (which I got for free after selling some of their clothes on ebay - YAY!).  I curled their hair and painted their nails.  They felt so special.
(Two of our beautiful princesses!)

A couple days ago the girls came out with their dresses, asking if they could wear them.  My initial answer was no.  They are beautiful special occasion dresses.  You can't just wear them on any given day.

Why not?

As I looked at their disappointed faces, I asked myself why I was saying no.  It is not like they will ever wear them again.  We aren't saving them for anything.  They are just hanging in their closest waiting for them to quickly outgrown them. 

Those dresses reminded them of a special day they spent with their dad.  They love reliving that day over and over again. 

Why wouldn't I let them wear them?  Why wouldn't I want them to feel special all over again? 

When I said yes, their faces lit up.  They put on their dresses, their tights and their dress shoes.  They spun and spun all around the house.  They should feel that special every day.

Now onto the curiosity part of my day.

One of the things I love about our boys and I am amazed at on a daily basis is their curiosity.  They always want to know how things work, where things go, how things are put together.

Our oldest son was switching over the laundry when I heard him yell "A sock fell down the dryer vent." I went to the laundry room to see what he was talking about.  I tried to reach the sock, but I couldn't.

As I was sending my husband a message about the sock and asking for his ideas on how to get it out, our son comes to me and says "I think if we turn the dryer on, the sock will just shoot down the tube and outside."

Initially, I was so focused on my message to my husband, that his comment didn't really register.


As I was finishing up my message to my husband, a thought popped in my head.  Our son came up with that scenario rather quickly.

I called our son over and asked him if by chance he had intentionally put the sock down the vent in order to see if it would go shooting down the tube and outside.  He admitted that yes, in fact, he did put the sock in the vent on purpose in order to see where it would go.

When my husband came home for lunch, he unplugged the dryer, pulled it out and had our son try to retrieve the sock.  He couldn't find it.

My husband then said he was going to plug the dryer back in, turn it on and see if the sock would come out.  Our son's eyes lit up.  He was so excited to see if the conclusion he came up with was correct.

My husband plugged the dryer back in, started it up and the sock came shooting out.  Our son shouted "It came out!  It came out!" What he thought would happen actually did!

Now don't get me wrong, we did have a talk with him about his initial lying.  We also had a talk with him about how curiosity can sometimes be costly and this time he got lucky.

It is my prayer that our girls will always know that they are God's princesses.  That they will always know how special they are.  It is also my prayer that our boys will never loose their sense of adventure or their curious nature.  I want them to always be God's adventurous warriors.  


  1. This was such a heart-warming post, love it, and love your blog too, I just found it and am now following! I love that you say you hope your girls will always know that they are God's princesses, AMEN! what a great thing to teach our daughters!!! I would be thrilled to have you as a follower of my new mommy blog, we just started up with just a few followers so far and would love to have such a wise mommy as a follower. Many blessings for the new year!! Petra.

  2. Hi Petra. Thank you for reading my blog! I will definitely check out your blog. Blessings to you too! - Tracy