Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Husband Says I'm Not 20 Anymore!

I was playing with the kids and our dog today and for some unknown reason I decided it would be a good idea to climb up on the back of the couch (yes, I know that is something we tell our children not to do). It did not end well.

It all started when the dog was originally up on the back of the couch and trying to get to me. I was behind the couch. The dog realized that she needed to jump off the front of the couch and round around to the back .As she was running around, I had a brilliant idea to jump up on the back of the couch so she couldn't get me and would have to run back around to the front again.

Of course, she did.  She ran back around as fast as she could.

I, with all my athletic ability, attempted to jump off the back of the couch.

It didn't happen.

I ended up getting my right leg stuck up on the couch while the whole left side of my body gravitated towards the floor.  The front door ended up catching my fall (wasn't that nice).  My right leg eventually joined me down there. Once in front of the door, a pair of crutches that I had set there (so I would see them and be reminded to return them...2 months ago) came crashing down on top of me, one at a time.

Now I am sitting there by our front door, trying to figure out what went wrong. My two oldest children came running to my rescue, yelling "Are you okay? Should we call Dad?"

"NO, don't call dad!"

I could tell that they were trying to hold back their laughter. After all, it had to be a site to see.

It took me a few moments to get back up.  My right leg hurt terribly and it wasn't cooperating (again) in order for me to get up.

A few more minutes and I realized that it wasn't merely my right leg that was hurt, but the entire right side of my body from ankle all the way up to my neck.

I was starting to hurt a little more, so I decided to email my husband and confess tell him what had happened.

He asked if I was okay and if I needed to be taken to the doctor. I assured him I was fine, just a little sore.

When my husband came home, I was greeted with a disbelieving shaking head and the following words "Do you realize you're not 20 anymore?"

No, actually I don't. I still think I am that 20 something woman who can jump on and off the couch with no problems.

In reality, however, I am at this moment laying on my bed with a heating pad on my back and the ibuprofen I took is finally starting to work.

Have I learned my lesson? Probably not. As long as my kids are young and want to play, I will always try.

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