Friday, February 24, 2012

Preparing for the convention....

Since we registered for the Teach Them Diligently Convention back in the beginning of January, our oldest son has been wanting to pack for the trip. I keep telling him it is too early. He is so cute, he wants to pack a suit to wear in case he gets a chance to meet Ken Ham. I think he wants his job when he grows up. I must say, I am pretty pleased with his choice of a mentor.

Today, I finally realize it is less than three weeks away. With a our family of six going, I decided I better start planning. So, I started making my lists...yes, plural!

I was trying to figure out what bag I would take with me to the convention. I knew that I would need a bag big enough to carry my notebook, the convention notebook, my Bible, snacks for the kids, a change of clothes for the kids (12 hours away from the hotel, you never know what is going to happen), etc. I finally decided that I am going to bring our small rolling suitcase. I may look weird, but I will be very prepared and I wont have to carry a heavy bag on my shoulder (which makes my herniated disk happy!).

I also realized that since we are going to be away from the hotel for 12 hours, I should probably bring snacks for the kids (oh, who am I kidding, I need to bring snacks for my husband too..hee hee). If I bring the small suitcase, I can fit everything in it and it is small enough that it wont be a bother to others when I am in sessions.

Things I am bringing with me to the convention in my trusty suitcase -

Small first aid kit
Snacks (breakfast cookies, apples, etc)
change of clothes for each child (each set of clothing in a gallon size bag with the air let out - great space saver!)
Binder notebook
Ibuprofen (just in case my herniated disk gets unhappy)
Kids coats in case it is rainy/cooler when we go in or leave

Along with preparing my lists, I am also preparing my binder notebook. I am close to having all of my session picked out. Once I pick them out, I am going to type up a list, one for each day. The binder I bought has the front pocket, so my schedule will always be in sight without having to open up my binder (thank you, Raising Arrows!).

I also have in my notebook a pocket for my pens, clear pockets in case I get something that isn't hole punched, or if I get something I want in plain sight for later. I also have notebook paper.

My daily schedule that I am typing will have each hour outlined whether it be what session I want to go to (and a back-up session in case things get changed) or when I need to pick the kids up for lunch/dinner. I will have the days organized! I think that will make it more relaxing and enjoyable.

Are you going to any conventions? How are you preparing?

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