Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canning Peaches

A year ago I began my adventure in canning. I was nervous and excited all at the same time.

What if I didn't can correctly?

What if the jars didn't seal correctly?

What if I ended up making my family sick?

So many questions!

I started out canning peaches. I foolishly bought 75 lbs to start. Not a good idea. I should have started with 25 lbs. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I finished and I wasted several because I didn't get take them out of the box and get them processed in time. Lesson learned.

After I canned the peaches, I bought more peaches and canned again. I ended up with about 70 quarts last year. With four children, those 70 quarts didn't last long. I ended up rationing them so they would last at least nine months.

After I canned both batches of peaches, I started to get some confidence. I canned pickles, green beans, stewed tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, pears, strawberry jam, grape jelly, grape juice, beef broth, chicken broth, black beans, applesauce and this spring I was brave enough to can chicken.

Yesterday I started canning peaches. I, again, bought 75 lbs, but this time it did not intimidate me.

Aren't they pretty! I processed 14 quarts yesterday. I still have enough peaches to process between 15-18 more quarts. I have 100 lbs more of peaches coming in a couple weeks. I will most likely have to order more because I would like to end up with 100 quarts, if possible.

Here is where I find my recipe for canning peaches - www.pickyourown.org

When I process my peaches, I use the recipe for the light syrup and I don't always put in the amount of sugar they suggest. I usually put in less.

If you live in the State of Tennessee, or surrounding States, check Bulk Natural Foods' website to see if there is a co-op pick location near you.

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